Once upon a time, Blanca found drawings of her as a child and we have made them into a small collection. We are all so excited for this very special collection close to our heart and would like to take advantage of this future collection and do some good in the world! Once the collection is out, part of the proceeds will go to the NGO Pequeño Deseo to help children have a happier childhood!

We are excited to announce that 20% of the profits of our Childhood Dreams Collection will be donated to Pequeño Deseo (Little Wish), helping support their work in making children with chronic illnesses or poor prognosis little wishes come true! The wishes can range from meeting their favourite character, visiting an astronomy center or even riding a horse! Sometimes, making a wish come true is the best medicine! 

Five very special designs will also be included in the collection designed by our community's little ones!

We have had a BLAST with our Childhood Dreams drawing competition and have received so many wonderful entries! Here are the winners drawn by Rosie, Willow, Harriet, Gitanjali and Mina! They will also be included in our special collection and we have loved this whole experience!

Don't miss this very special collection! Here are the launch times for our friends all over the globe:

Friday 28th January
Los Angeles 02:00 pm
New York 05:00 pm
London 10:00 pm
Madrid 11:00 pm

 Saturday 29th January
Singapore 06:00 am
Perth 06:00 am
Melbourne 09:00 am

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