Love in the SPRING inserts for Chameleon Necklace


Change your Clementine the Chameleons' camouflage to fit any occasion and setting!

Chameleon is now ready for Spring to arrive and excited! Will they dress up as the easter bunny? Hide in the grass with the bugs? A leafy green frosted camouflage? Or blend in with the yummy yummy easter egg?

Chameleon necklace is NOT included. These inserts are compatible with all the chameleon necklaces. 


Interchangeable inserts: bunny made by white with details painted by hand, egg made by baby pink with painted decorations, frosted green grass and grass with flowers, ants and ladybirds painted by hand.
All pieces are made by laser-cut acrylic and has been assembled by hand one by one in our studio in Valencia, Spain.


Keep away water, perfume, cosmetic products, lotions, alcohol, body oils, body perspiration to the pieces, they could be damaged. To store the design, we recommend keeping it in the original packaging. To clean the piece, use a soft dry and clean dust cloth.


Each design is checked and revised carefully before shipping and packaged with care. It is sent via DHL Express with tracking, with the possibility to schedule delivery once you receive the email from DHL

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