Pizza fancy face mask


If you love pizza, this is your facemask! Super funny & original facemask but watch out, it looks so yummy but it is not edible!

Reusable facemask with beige neoprene (polyester) on the front & red cotton on the inside pocket. Neoprene fabric with green marble, red acrylic and black marble with nacre white acrylic sewed by hand. All our facemasks are handmade in Spain. Detailed tomato methacrylate finishing.

4 Filters included.

LIMITED EDITION to 10 pieces in the world

10% of orders will be donated to help Covid19 affected.

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Special care:

Before washing it, take the filter out and put the mask into a delicate laundry bag. Washing machine up to 60ºC. Fully dry it by the sunlight before using it again.

It is NOT a medical product but scientists state that washing your hands & covering your nose and mouth it’s much better to protect yourself & others; because there’s no better way to keep yourself safe than keeping others safe  & we don’t see any better option than wearing La Vidriola Designs for that.

All our facemasks are handmade in Spain. Its pattern fits your face & you can adjust the elastic bands for your ears with a methacrylate piece it has. 


Additional information


You will got a packet prepared with care and love and you can locate your order through the tracking number.