Marbled Daruma doll brooch


Daruma is a traditional doll for making your wishes come true. First, you must pick a goal, then colour its left eye. Bring your Daruma doll and it will motivate you to achieve your goals. When you reach your goal, colour the other eye to show you accomplished your objectives.

Permanent maker included to paint the eyes. 


Clasp: mechanism pin and catch

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Made by marbled red, white, orange and gold acrylic laser cut with etched details painted by hand.

All pieces are made by laser-cut acrylic and has been assembled by hand one by one in our studio in Valencia, Spain.

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Keep away water, perfume, cosmetic products, lotions, body oils, body perspiration to the pieces, they could be damage.


You will got a packet prepared with care and love and you can locate your order through the tracking number.