Japan love necklace


Piece: 13,5x 11cm, 34cm silver plated chain (adjustable 5cm more) with fastening

Weight (without package): 39g



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If you are a Japan lover you will probably know all these Japanese culture icons. From the neon lights that cover the Tokyo streets, to the sushi you are a fan of, not forgetting the soy sauce, or if you are starting on the art of origami. Even the lucky cat swings its arm attracting all the good fortune.

Laser-cut etched neon lights made in fluorescent acrylic combined with mirror acrylic sushi, origami and soy sauce painted by hand  and finished with a black marble cat. All made in premium materials assembled by hand.


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Keep away water, perfume, cosmetic products, lotions, body oils, body perspiration to the pieces, they could be damage.


You will got a packet prepared with care and love and you can locate your order through the tracking number.