Hello Kitty sushi time necklace


It’s sushi time! All aboard the sushi train and pick and choose from so many! We are going to make the most famous food from Japan… Let’s prepare the rice and carefully prepare these special nigiris for all our friends! Enjoy this staple La Vidriola recreated with a cute cute Hello Kitty.

LIMITED EDITION to 80 pieces


License of ©Sanrio CO., LTD.

38 cm silver plated chain

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Hello Kitty as a nigiri is made by white acrylic inked by hand. On the top, it’s a salmon piece that is made by orange acrylic with bow in red acrylic. This necklace has a choopsticks made by beech wood. This is a classic of La Vidriola design.

All pieces are made by laser-cut acrylic and has been assembled by hand one by one in our studio in Valencia, Spain.

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Keep away water, perfume, cosmetic products, lotions, body oils, body perspiration to the pieces, they could be damage.


You will got a packet prepared with care and love and you can locate your order through the tracking number.