Magic chocolate frog box brooch



Limited edition

Piece: 8,5 x 6,5cm

Clasp: mechanism pin and catch

Weight (without package): 25g


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It’s a very special day, you’re on your way to Hogwarts on the Hogwarts Express train and you see a snack cart approaching full of delicious candy, which is very different from the Muggle candy. You buy a chocolate from, but it’s going to be hard to eat because it comes alive and jumps away.

Laser-cut frog made by brown acrylic in a box made by marble goldacrylic etched with stars painted by hand and purple marble acrylic etched and painted by hand in gold. All pieces has been assembled and made by laser-cut acrylic in our studio in Spain.


Información adicional

Peso 74 g


Mantener alejado del agua, perfume, productos cosméticos, lociones corporales, aceites y transpiración corporal de las piezas, estas pueden dañarse.


Adquirirá un paquete preparado con cuidado y cariño y podrá localizarlo con el número de seguimiento.