Bike Ride in the Spring Necklace


Enjoy a lovely bike ride through the countryside on a lovely April morning. Collecting wild flowers and repotting some plant babies is so much fun! A little squirrel is trying to ride the bike when you stop to rest under a big Oak tree… How cute!

LIMITED EDITION to 10 pieces

42 cm silver plated chain


Bicycle made by baby pink acrylic, black and transparent wheels and basket in beech wood.
Plants made by apple glitter green, green, lime green and pastel yellow acrylics. Flowers made by coral and marbled glitter red acrylic. In the seat there is a squirrel made by caramel acrylic.
All pieces are made by laser-cut acrylic and has been assembled by hand one by one in our studio in Valencia, Spain.


Keep away water, perfume, cosmetic products, lotions, alcohol, body oils, body perspiration to the pieces, they could be damaged. To store the design, we recommend keeping it in the original packaging. To clean the piece, use a soft dry and clean dust cloth.


All orders must be delivered to a residential address. They cannot be delivered to a PO Box, Army Base or Parcel collection.
Each design is checked and revised carefully before shipping and packaged with care. It is sent via DHL Express with tracking, with the possibility to schedule delivery once you receive the email from DHL

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