La Vidriola is a Spanish brand that designs exclusive accessories, which combines fashion, graphic and product design to offer something different. We play with the shapes and colours to way of expression and fun. With them, we create different products with an element beyond something nice, pieces that provided them something more to the customer, a sensation, a memory…

“La Vidriola” means, in our native language, the money box and for us it represents the time to start, the moment which we broke the money box and invest savings in this project that is so exciting.


Our products are 100% unique and exclusives, since the idea is born in our mind, the first sketches, made prototypes, until we put a high quality product in the market. We take care of the development, the high quality materials with a delicate work to laser cut and the assembly. Finally, we design a packaging to surprise the customer, who looks for feeling special thanks to the smallest details that we take care with so love.

Handmade products

Made in Spain

Striking and detailed

Pablo Nieto

Cofounder & Designer

Blanca Calabuig

Cofounder & Designer


If you have some question, we will be happy to talk with you.


Now you know us, know our designs too and enjoy it!